What's the best time to add lots to an auction?

One of your goals as a seller is (of course) to get as much money for your lots as possible.

Here's the sell price of 438 lots in four auctions graphed against the how early they were submitted (unsold lots excluded):

This may be the most uninteresting chart from this site -- it just says that it doesn't matter when you submit your lot, it'll still sell for what it's worth.

I guess you could make the argument that submitting lots at least 48 hours before the auction ends increases their value, but the r2 line for this chart makes Kansas look mountainous...

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter when in the auction you submit your pacu, no one is going to bid on it.

One other factor -- getting people's interest:

If you're running a club auction, make sure to add a few really good lots early to encourage people to sign up for your auction. Typically you'll see a lot of interest as soon as you post your auction to Facebook, and if those people don't see anything they want, they won't join your auction. But, if you can convince them to choose a pickup location, you'll get their contact info and can reach out to them later in the auction