Make a splash with your next club auction.

Completely free.

This site provides all the tools you need to run traditional, in-person auctions. Or, run your auctions online without the need to reserve an auction hall or pay an auctioneer.

No paperwork. No math. Simple enough to use on your phone.

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Think of the stuff that makes running an auction hard:
  1. Pick a date and time
  2. Choose a location
  3. Reserve the location
  4. Pay for the location
  5. Find and pay an auctioneer
  6. Run the auction
  7. Figure out how much people owe or need to be paid
  8. Handle payment and deal with unsold lots
  9. Get paid
  10. Give sold lots to their winners

Easy to use. Better for everyone.

Online auctions benefit everyone

Buyers and sellers

Don't buy big fish

Take your time and research items before you bid

Set a reserve price, so your items always sell for what they're worth

No need to pack and transport unsold items

A game-changer for clubs


Attract new members

No location rental costs

No auctioneer costs

Save time and hassle setting up

Your auction, your way

Pants optional*

Bid from the comfort of your home

Don't drink and bid

Sturgeon general's warning: consumption of alcohol while bidding may be beneficial to your club's finances


I was reluctant at first, but after buying and selling, I am convinced this is the next generation of fish auctions. I love the fact my fish don't sit on a cold table all day long.


Amazing! The best auction software I've ever seen

Janine Banks

this electronic age shit sucks !!!

John Krol

All the software you need to run an in-person auction

  • Manage users and lots
  • Quickly and easily set lot winners
  • Get help from friends* to run the auction
    *Friends not included -- you'll have to make some along the way
  • Automatic invoicing
  • ...and more!

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