Upgrade your fish club auctions. For free.

What goes into running your auctions?

  1. Pick a date and time
  2. Choose a location
  3. Reserve the location
  4. Pay for the location
  5. Find and pay an auctioneer
  6. Run the auction
  7. Figure out how much people owe or need to be paid
  8. Handle payment and deal with unsold lots
  9. Get paid
  10. Give sold lots to their winners

Here's how it works

  1. Your club creates an auction on this site
  2. Sellers add lots
  3. Buyers select a pickup location and bid on lots
  4. This site does its magic.
    • Watch lots to keep track of what you're interested in
    • Get notifications when you're outbid
    • Ban users who cause trouble Sorry Mike, water hyacinth isn't legal
    • Auctions end automatically
    • Invoices generated automatically
  5. Send invoices and get payment with Paypal (Paypal fees apply)
  6. Exchange lots
  7. Enjoy your new fish!

Better for everyone


Less pressure

Don't buy big fish

Take your time and research fish before you bid. No more accidental pacu purchases!


Attract new members

Bring in new club members and new fish from other clubs with multiple pickup locations

Because everyone in your home club already has a pair of your swordtails...


Set a reserve price

Make sure your carefully raised fish sell for what they're worth

No need to bag and transport unsold lots - hang on to them for next time

Your auction, your way

Pants optional*

Bid from the comfort of your home

Don't drink and bid

Sturgeon general's warning: consumption of alcohol while bidding may be beneficial to your club's finances

*Pants (and masks) required when exchanging lots

Avoid bidding wars

Proxy bidding

Don't drink and bid

The winning bid is determined by the second highest bid

Bid what a lot is worth to you, and we'll automatically bid on your behalf up to your chosen price

Better bookkeeping

Automatic Invoices

See exactly how much you owe with invoices that are created automatically after the auction ends.
See example

I was reluctant at first, but after buying and selling, I am convinced this is the next generation of fish auctions. I love the fact my fish don't sit on a cold table all day long.


Amazing! The new way to buy and sell fish.

Janine Banks

Yeah, it's OK, I guess...

Ready to get started?

I'm happy to provide help with running your auctions and answer any questions.

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For more information, check out the FAQ here

  1. Sign in with Google or create an account
  2. Create an auction
  3. Add one or more pickup locations to your auction
  4. Wait for the auction to end
  5. View invoices for all users (See example)
  6. Optional: Send invoices with Paypal (here's how)
  7. Coordinate the exchange of money and fish

See example auction rules or see lots for an example auction

    Click Create lot to sell an item, or click on Lots to see stuff for sale near you.

    If you're selling, remember to set a reserve price so that you don't sell a one-of-a-kind fish for $1!

    If you're buying, make sure to check out the seller's feedback before you bid.

    I do recommend joining a club auction if one is running near you, since clubs are fantastic!