Category popularity

Does it seem like every auction is full of plants?

Do hobbyists breed and sell more bags of livebearers, or cichlids?

Are you wondering why people aren't bidding on your Cryptoheros nanoluteus? (Hint: because they're convicts...)

Is it true that nobody puts corydoras and rainbows into auctions?

Finally, answers to all the questions you never asked about the popularity of different categories in fish auctions!

These data are live from the site. Click on a label to hide that bar.

If there is equal supply, interest, and demand in a category, views/bids/number of lots should be the same height (and determined by the number of lots). When they are different, you can get some interesting info from this graph.

For example, categories with more bids are likely to be in higher demand, especially if views are lower. Categories with lots of views but no bids may be something people are curious about, but don't actually want. To wit: What's this tequila fish? Oh, it's a gray livebearer, never mind.