The NJAS Spring 2023 Auction

An online auction with in-person pickup, created by NJAS

General information

Thank you for your interest in the North jersey Aquarium Society (NJAS) Online Spring 2023 Tropical Fish Auction! The auction starts Saturday April 22nd and will end on Tuesday May 2nd. It is open to the public, and will run entirely online in terms of bidding, selling and payments (via PayPal). The only in-person aspect will be on the day of item exchange Saturday May 6th at the Clark Public Library (303 Westfield Ave, Clark, NJ 07066). Below are the auction rules - Please read them fully and (assuming you don't already have an account) SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM of this page to:

  • click on the "Please login to confirm your pickup location" link
  • and then click on the "Create a new account" button
  • fill out and submit the form and click on the confirmation link you'll receive via email
  • return to the bottom of this page and select the Clark Public Library as your pickup location to join the auction!

Prohibited items

  • You cannot sell anything banned by New Jersey state law.



  • Bidding will be open from Saturday Apr 22, 2023 8 a.m. to Tuesday May 2, 2023 8 p.m.
  • Winning bidders must arrive at the Clark Public Library basement (303 Westfield Ave, Clark, NJ 07066) between 12:00pm-2:00pm Saturday May 6th 2023 to pick up lots won
  • You should check back in on this auction frequently, as more and more lots will be added as the days progress
  • Shortly after the auction ends, you will receive a PayPal invoice with the total amount due. You must pay the amount shown on the PayPal invoice within 24 hours. Only items that are paid for will be available for pick up on the day of item exchange on Saturday May 6th. NOTE: PayPal allows you the option to pay with a debit or credit card if you do not have a PayPal account
  • You will also receive a link to an informational, detail-level "invoice" from this portal soon after the auction ends showing the items you won and the SELLER NAMES. You MUST bring a printed copy of this document to pick up your items on Saturday May 6th (the sellers will be sitting at tables alphabetically and identified with table name-tags for you to find easily).
  • The NJAS Online Auction team will work with you to resolve disputes on the day of item pickup. Refunds will be given on the sole discretion of the NJAS Online Auction team on-site, and will only be done in the case of obviously sick or clearly misidentified fish NOTE: NJAS can make no guarantees in the case of fry/very young fish as it is often impossible to determine actual species at that size
  • Once you leave the pickup location on Saturday May 6th, all sales are final
  • If at any point you have questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at


  • Sellers must bring their sold lots to the Clark Public Library basement (303 Westfield Ave, Clark, NJ 07066) at 11:00am on Saturday May 6th 2023. You will be assigned seating/table space and must remain until all your sold items are picked up
  • Nothing deemed illegal by the state of New Jersey will be accepted for auction
  • Fish, plants, live food, invertebrates and driftwood are all acceptable items for auction. No other items are allowed (ie: tanks, filters, air pumps, lights etc)
  • You must post and sell lots via this auction website
  • IMPORTANT: You must indicate if the fish are fry, juveniles or adults in the item description, as well as the quantity up for auction in each lot.
  • We STRONGLY encourage sellers to post actual images of your lots (and/or their parents in the case of very small fry/juveniles) on the site. It’s very easy, especially with modern cell phones, to capture really good images. Images make lots far more attractive to potential bidders, and lots with picture(s) get far more interest than ones without images. You can even use images from the internet (the auction platform makes it easy for you to label the image as such), but again it is very much encouraged you take and use pictures of your actual fish/plants/broodstock up for auction
  • All lots brought in on May 6th must be labeled with the lot number and the buyer's name (this information will be listed on the detail-level "invoice" sent from this portal once the auction ends), as well as your name and contact email
  • Seller proceeds will be sent to the sellers by June 3rd, 2023 or sooner
  • The NJAS Online Auction team has the right to remove any lot due to size, defects, sickness, inadequate bagging or any other disqualifying reason. The seller will not be paid for the removed lot, and will be responsible for paying 25% of the final lot price to cover PayPal fees and handling of the issue
  • If there are any issues with the fish before the item exchange on Saturday May 6th (ie: death, sickness – you must reach out to the auction committee immediately at
  • Lots with more than one bag must be taped or bagged together, and each individual bag must be labeled
  • If at any point you have questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at
The following rules will be automatically enforced by this site:
  • This is an online auction with in-person pickup
  • You must place bids on this website
  • Bidding will be open from Apr 22, 2023 8 a.m. EDT to May 2, 2023 8 p.m. EDT
  • If last minute bids are placed on a lot, the end time for that lot will be extended. All lots will end by May 2, 2023 9 p.m. EDT
  • You can submit lots until May 1, 2023 8 p.m. EDT
  • You will be charged 50% of the winning price per lot you sell

Location: The Clark Public Library
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May 6, 2023 noon EDT

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