The PRAC Monthly Mini Auction December 2021

An online auction with in-person pickup, created by PRAC
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Prohibited items


Pre-registered buyers on Auction.Fish can preview online all lots available as they're entered during auction.

All bidding is done electronically. You may bid as the maximum you you are willing to pay. The big will automatically raise the bid to $1 more than the second highest bid.

All items are sold on an "as is basis". It is the responsibility of the bidder to ask questions to the seller prior to placing your bid. Once bidding ends, ownership immediately transfers to the winning bidder. PRAC representatives or auctioneers give no guarantee or warranty on any items in the auction.


IMPORTANT : 2 - 3 DAYS PRIOR to Bagging STOP FEEDING YOUR FISH Use 75% air & 25% Water (Never blow into bag with mouth). Close your bag by grabbing it high & twisting it down to form into a taut balloon. Use appropriate size bags. Large fish need large bags or can be in buckets, tanks and coolers to house fish for auction, & container will become part of and sold along with the fish it contains. Pairs, groups & aggressive fish can be split into multiple bags & tied together. NO USED bags! NO Twist Ties & NO ZIPLOC™ bags! Improperly bagged fish will be disallowed in auction. Livestock that die during auction will be removed & returned to the seller. Remember, healthy fish get higher prices. Leaking bags: a re-bagging fee of $1.00 each will be levied to sellers. PRAC reserves the right to reject any items or livestock that appears to be deformed, sick or otherwise unsuitable for sale.

PRAC reserves the right to limit. Once entered into auction, items MAY NOT BE WITHDRAWN by seller. Sellers must be present to register items. Minimum bids can be entered upon online registration but may not be changed during the auction without the consent of the auction chair.

PRAC will ONLY accept Pre–registered items or lots entered on Auction.Fish website before the deadline. Please arrive early with your lots and report to a PRAC representative to receive your Official PRAC pre-printed labels. Affix labels, to your lots with the lot #, submit all your items to the drop off point for inspection and table placement. If a label is illegible in anyway, it may be rejected.

All “No Sale” lots will be put aside to be picked up by the seller. Any lots not claimed after end of auction, will become property of PRAC and disposed of at the discretion of the auction chair. Sellers Payment: Once all lots have been auctioned off, the Auction.Fish will close & sellers will receive a report for review. No sellers will be paid out until the end of the auction. No Exceptions.

Neither PRAC, volunteers nor the auction site will be held responsible for loss, damage or injury occurring during the event.

Sellers entering the following information into the “description” field benefit from higher prices. Quantity in Bag (e.g. 3x Moscow Guppy). Species Name (Latin & common if available). Photos (mature fish preferred) can also be downloaded.

PAIR male/female of a species TRIO 2 females & 1 male REVERSE TRIO 2 males & 1 female BREEDING PAIR/TRIO/GROUP successfully spawned

All Equipment & Dry Goods must be BNIB 'Brand New In Box or Bag' or USED, in proper working order & clean. PRAC reserves the right to reject any item that appears to be unsuitable for sale at the auction. Absolutely NO USED GRAVEL or ROCKS. Restricted Plants or Livestock by federal or provincial statutes will NOT be accepted.

USED ITEMS 'YES' LIST: Aquariums up to 40 gal & / or stands Books ( related to Aquarium Hobby ) Filters, Heaters, Air pumps, Canopies & Light Fixtures Driftwood, Collectables Food & Medication (Un-opened & not-expired) is acceptable.

PRAC thanks you very much for your continued support of our aquarium fish club!

The following rules will be automatically enforced by this site: Bidding will be open from Dec 1, 2021 7 p.m. EST to Dec 14, 2021 7 p.m. EST You can submit lots until Dec 13, 2021 7 p.m. EST

The following rules will be automatically enforced by this site:

Ground Floor, "Crafts Room"

Get directions You must schedule your pickup time in advance.
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