PVAS Fall Auction

An online auction with in-person pickup at multiple locations, created by jmtrops

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  • PVAS is facilitating inclusion of Vendors and Bidders from outside the Western Mass area!

  • PVAS will be delivering lots picked up by PVAS from Chicopee, Ma Vendors at the initial lot exchange to a Framingham Ma Lot Exchange and will pick up Framingham Ma lots purchased by Chicopee, Ma buyers at the Framingham Ma exchange and will deliver them to a second Chicopee, Ma Lot Exchange, all in one day!

  • Please read the Auction Rules carefully and understand the process and requirements before bidding or entering lots in this auction!

Lot Pick-ups and Delivery:

  • PVAS will handle all monies, both from buyer and what is owed to vendor.
  • Buyers must pay the PVAS representative on site (cash or Paypal) before picking up lots.
  • Buyers will be given a receipt and must present it to Vendors when picking up Lots.
  • We will have indoor space to make the exchanges but we can also make the exchange in the parking lot.

Chicopee, Ma

  • The first Lot Exchange will be 10:30-11:30am on Sunday Nov 29 in Chicopee, Mass at the Moose Lodge family center, 244 fuller road, Chicopee, Ma. it is the same place we have our meetings and auction at. The room entrance is on the left side of the building if you are in the parking lot and a sign will be buy the door (see map below).
  • All Chicopee, Ma buyers must attend the 10:30-11:30pm exchange and pay for all lots purchased even if they only purchased lots from Framingham Ma.
  • Vendors who have lots for Framingham Ma buyers are to bring the lots to the first exchange location and give them to PVAS for transport to Framingham Ma for buyer pick-ups.

Framingham Ma

  • A second Lot Exchange will be held at the Monticello Inn Framingham, 90 Worcester road, Framingham, Ma at 2:00-3:00PM on Sunday Nov 29. (see map below). Please be on time
  • All Framingham Ma buyers and vendors must attend this exchange.
  • Lots purchased by Framingham Ma buyers must be paid for and picked up at this exchange.
  • All Framingham Ma buyers must pay the PVAS representative on site for all lots purchased and then must present their receipt to PVAS for all lots purchased to pick up their purchased lots.
  • Eastern Mass vendors with lots sold to Chicopee, Ma buyers will surrender the lots to the PVAS representative who will transport them to Chicopee, Ma for the 6:00PM Chicopee, Ma pick-up.

Chicopee, Ma, again

The third Lot Exchange: - Lots purchased by Chicopee, Ma buyers from Framingham Ma sellers will be picked up in Framingham Ma by PVAS and MUST be picked up in Chicopee, Ma November 29, 2020 at 6:00-7:00PM at the Chicopee, Ma or your lots will become the property of PVAS.


  • PVAS will email you on the last day of the auction to confirm which location you are picking up at. You need to reply and confirm your pickup location. If you don't reply, your bids may be canceled.
  • Each bidder must register on the auction site with username, actual first and last name, and cell phone so we can text you the day of the pickup/drop-off if needed and choose a location of Lot pick-up (Chicopee, MA or Framingham Ma).
  • When bidding, please pay close attention to the lot exchange area, either Chicopee, MA or Framingham Ma.


  • Vendors will be paid after all bidders have paid PVAS, A check will be mailed within 2 weeks of the event.
  • Each vendor must complete the auction entry form on this site.
  • Vendor does NOT need to be a member of PVAS.
  • Vendors must specify the location (Chicopee, MA or Framingham Ma) that their lots will be at.
  • Limit of 2 lots per species per Vendor.
  • Limit of 15 entries per vendor.
  • Dry goods will only be allowed as donations and large items (such as fish tanks) fluorescent, incandescent lights and substrate materials will not be accepted at all!
  • Write the lot number on the bag or lot!
  • Lots must be properly bagged. Absolutely no leaking bags!
  • Donations are accepted. There is a check box for donating a lot on the registration form.
  • Minimum bids (reserve price) can be set.
  • All lots should be submitted by Nov 26th, 2020.
  • Entries for breeder programs should have the “I bred this fish" check box checked.
  • The auction is open to the public. Anyone can enter lots for auction, non-members are welcome and encouraged to participate in the auction.
  • All used equipment should be clean and in good, working condition and can only be entered as a donation.
  • All monies will be handled by PVAS. Don't exchange money or lots directly with a buyer.
The following rules will be automatically enforced by this site:
  • This is an online auction with in-person pickup at multiple locations
  • You must place bids on this website
  • Bidding will be open from Nov 21, 2020 8 a.m. EST to Nov 28, 2020 6 p.m. EST
  • If last minute bids are placed on a lot, the end time for that lot will be extended. All lots will end by Nov 28, 2020 7 p.m. EST
  • You can submit lots until Nov 26, 2020 11:59 p.m. EST
  • You will be charged a flat rate of $3 per item you sell
  • If your lot does not sell, you will be charged $1

Pickup locations

Chicopee, MA
Get directions
Chicopee, Mass at the Moose lodge family center, 244 Fuller road at Nov 29, 2020 11 a.m. EST
You must return at Nov 29, 2020 6 p.m. EST to pick up lots from other locations.

Framingham, MA
Get directions
Monticello Inn Framingham, 90 Worcester road, Framingham, Ma at Nov 29, 2020 2:30 p.m. EST

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