The TFCB Annual Auction

An online auction with in-person pickup at multiple locations, created by admin
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TFCB is facilitating inclusion of Vendors and Bidders from outside the Burlington, VT area!

TFCB will be delivering lots picked up by TFCB from VT Vendors at the initial lot exchange to a Springfield, MA Lot Exchange and will pick up MA lots purchased by VT buyers at the MA exchange and will deliver them to a second Burlington Lot Exchange, all in one day!
Please read the Auction Rules carefully and understand the process and requirements before bidding or entering lots in this auction!

Lot Pick-ups and Delivery:



Vendors will be paid after all bidders have paid TFCB, either at the second or third exchange, or within 2 weeks of the event.

TFCB meets the second Thursday of each month, all meetings are online thru Feb 2021 and all are welcome.

For more information on the club, visit the TFCB homepage

The following rules will be automatically enforced by this site:

Location details

MA: ground floor of the parking garage in front of the West Side Macey's entrance at the Holyoak Mall in Springfield, MA

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Nov 1, 2020 3 p.m. EST

Sears entrance to parking garage at University Mall

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Nov 1, 2020 10 a.m. EST
You must return at Nov 1, 2020 6 p.m. EST to pick up lots from other locations.

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