How do multi-location auctions work?

Club auctions are great, but they are limited by their physical location: there's only so many different lots and buyers available in one area. Most people simply won't drive more than an hour or so to attend a local auction.

To attract more bidders and sellers, this site supports adding multiple locations to an auction.

Here's an example showing two locations.

Having multiple pickup locations requires two pickup times - one in the morning for sellers to drop off lots and buyers to pay for lots, and the other in the afternoon for buyers to pick up lots from the other location.

The logistics of multiple pickup locations becomes a bit tricky. Here are some suggestions to help keep you organized:

  1. Make sure that sellers write the lot number and location on their lots

  2. Have a central sorting location without buyers or sellers. That way, your staff members can coordinate sorting lots to different locations without answering questions and giving lots to people

  3. Have a designated person in charge of each pickup location.

  4. Confirm the pickup location with users ahead of time.

  5. Handle payments with Paypal or require that buyers pay in the morning. This avoids problems with "no show" buyers.

Multiple pickup locations are quite a bit of extra work to coordinate, but they bring in a much greater diversity of lots and new buyers.