Super stem plant package

Aquatic plants, lot number 3908
Bred by Jay217
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Multiple bunches of different stem plants:

1x Ludwigia natans 'super red' bunch (~4 stems)

1x Ludwigia arcuata aka Needle Leaf Ludwigia bunch (~2 stems) (has some nice roots & lots of new side shoots forming)

1x Rotala rotundifolia 'Vietnam H'ra' bunch (~7 stems)

1x Rotala macrandra 'mini' bunch(~5 stems)

1x Limnophila hippuridoides bunch (~4 stems)

All generally easy plants. See separate lots for Ludwigia natans, Rotala macrandra, and Limnophila.

Ludwigia arcuata - easy stem plant with long thin leaves. Will grow in most conditions. Leaves turn a nice red color with higher light.

Rotala rotundifolia 'Vietnam H'ra' - Rotala rotundifolia and its many varieties are super easy to grow and will tolerate virtually all water conditions. This type has longer/most slender leaves than the typical rotundifolia.

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